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San Pedro Fuel Terminal

San Pedro, CA


Van Dyke Landscape Architects served as the prime consultant for landscape design and managed a multi-disciplinary team comprised of an architect and civil, electrical, environmental and geotechnical engineers on this rehabilitation project.


The scope required modernization of the primary entrance to the San Pedro fuel terminal in order to improve traffic circulation and security of the facility.  The final plan incorporated careful design of stacking lanes for semi trucks to minimize or eliminate overflow onto the adjacent roadway.  Circulation of trucks within the terminal was improved to ensure smooth flow of traffic on-site as well.  The design also incorporated anti-terrorism measures including security fencing, pop-up bollards, and a new multi-level guardhouse/inspection building with 180-degree views of the site and the ability to check both tops and undersides of trucks.


The design successfully addressed practical needs while also meeting rigorous environmental requirements to protect endangered Quino Checkerspot butterfly habitat on site.

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