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Winchester Ranch Parks

Riverside County, CA


VDLA served as prime landscape architect for the 7,000-unit community development and coordinated project design guidelines, trails, maintenance responsibility master planning, and irrigation master planning with several agencies, builders and consultants. As part of this effort, VDLA also provided recreational planning and landscape architectural services for park and   recreation facilities. Park master planning and design includes a 34-acre sports park, 5.3-acre aquatic park, 5.3-acre event/ farmers market park, 4.2-acre dog park, 5.2-acre passive park, 2-acre passive park, and a 5.1-acre arboretum park. VDLA also provided design services for the Salt Creek Regional Trail and open space trail system that traverses the community. The design was coordinated with Riverside County Flood Control, Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District, Riverside County Planning Department, Riverside County Regional Park and Open Space District and Riverside County Transportation Department.

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