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San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD)

San Diego, CA

VDLA was retained by San Diego Unified School District to provide landscape architectural services for several school facilities throughout the district.


Landscape architectural improvements at these sites include upgrades and new construction of soccer, football and baseball fields to courtyards, libraries, streetscapes and common area landscapes.  Select school sites are joint use facilities shared by the San Diego Unified School District and the City of San Diego.


Landscape architectural services for these facilities begin with a site visit to establish the site program, identify users and inventory existing landscape and irrigation conditions. Following the site visit, research and analysis of water and hydraulic requirements, existing utility plans, and record as-built drawings is completed.  Any conflicts are brought to the attention of a School District Representative and resolved prior to design.


After completion of the site analysis, a meeting with all of the   stakeholders is scheduled to address any specific requests or additional site requirements for the design. Following the client approval of the preliminary design (design development phase) a final set of construction documents is prepared which may include the following but not limited to; demolition plans, wall and fencing plans, hardscape plans, irrigation plans, electrical plans, planting plans and cost estimates. Associated detail sheets corresponding with these plans are also included. All designs take in to consideration water conservation through the use of drought tolerant plants, central irrigation control systems, irrigation application methods and potential use of recycled water.


Bid Support and Construction Observation Services ranging from pre-bid meetings to final inspection of plant material and irrigation, as-built drawings and controller charts are just a few of the other services provided by Van Dyke Landscape Architects after construction is complete.

Various Project Sites and Costs:

Baypark Elementary: $60,000

Boone Elementary: $80,000

Cadman Elementary: $38,000

Chesterton Elementary: $195,000

Crawford High: $1,000,000

Cubberly Elementary: $20,000

Darnell Campus, $91,000

Edison Elementary: $5,000

Emerson Elementary: $250,000

Ericson Elementary: $36,894

Fletcher Elementary : $180,000

Florence Joyner: $240,000

Fulton Elementary: $6,000

Golden Hills Elementary: $400,000

Hamilton Elementary: $30,000

Hawthorn Elementary: $91,000

Hearst Elementary: $46,000

Jefferson: $25,000

Johnson Elementary: $190,000

Kearny High: $840,000

Keiller Amphitheater: $58,000

Keiller Middle: $150,000

Kimbourough Elementary: $206,000

King/Chavez Academy: $30,000  

Kwachiyoa Charter: $230,000

La Jolla Elementary: $110,000

Language Academy: $55,000

Marvin Elementary: $340,000

Montezuma CDC: $15,000

Morse High: $200,000

Muirlands Middle: $173,000

Oak Park Elementary: 200,000

Penn Elementary: 250,000

Riley Elementary: $150,000

Rowan Elementary: $195,379

Rolando Park Elementary: $86,000

Serra High: 10,000

Sherman Elementary: $235,000

Sunset View Track & Field: $82,000

University City High: $25,000

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