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Riverside National Cemetery 

Riverside, CA


VDLA was responsible for project team coordination and preparation of preliminary drawings, design development working drawings, specification sections, landscape and irrigation design and cost estimate for a columbarium project at Riverside National Cemetery. The project provides 10,000 columbarium units along Van Buren Boulevard.  The 5-niche high columbarium provides additional service as a security enclosure to the existing site.


Site design include connecting walkways, semi-enclosed 'arrival courts' with benches for visitors to pause and reflect.  Site constraints include seasonal wind exposure in an inland desert environment; the need for buffering from an adjacent highway; working around existing gravesites; tie-in to the existing gray-water irrigation system and setbacks from an environmentally-protected area.


Van Dyke also prepared computer simulations of proposed ‘desert landscape’ treatment of frontage along Van Buren Boulevard.

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