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The Future of Horton Plaza

No longer just a place to get your parking validated...

Once upon a time we completed landscape and urban design improvements for Horton Plaza Park including public right-of-way improvements, park improvements, and design elements including brick paving, street furniture, drinking fountains, kiosks, theme lighting, landscaping, street trees and container planting..."


"The 33-year-old Horton Plaza could soon favor an all-inclusive, upscale work-and-play environment, where the once large anchor stores would be re-purposed as individual offices with high ceilings, lots of light and the large floor plans coveted by today’s youthful tech companies."

"Horton Plaza is obviously critical to downtown. We need to have a vibrant space there."

"Similarly, the plaza’s main thoroughfare will lose its meandering bridges and staircases in favor of cleaner lines and an inviting pathway leading from a lusher Horton Plaza park on Broadway."

This could truly be EXCITING! What do you think of the new plans that Stockdale Capital Partners is planning?


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