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IA Conference + Our Irrigation Department's Endeavors

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

We absolutely love our irrigation department! Recently we sent our irrigation team: Yale, Brett, Luke, and Nick to the 2018 IA show up in Long Beach. There, they were able to continue their education in the latest water conservation and irrigation technologies, and---they were also there for the unveiling of a new product release by one of the major manufacturers in the industry. *Who doesn’t love a new product?

Brett, Yale and Luke are pictured with one of the reps as they admire the new product release!

VDLA’s irrigation department is working with the Ocean Hills Home Owners Association to re-design the golf course’s irrigation system to draw off of a newly drilled well which can provide enough water to irrigate not only the golf course but also some common area landscaping. The goal in doing so is not only to save money (tens of thousand of dollars!), but also to conserve one of our most precious resources, potable water.

VDLA team exploring the possibilities at the Ocean Hills HOA site.

Our irrigation department has been a key facet of our firm for over 20 of our 47 years in the industry, and we are so happy with the work that our department does for our clients across southern California. Conserving our water is one of the many things that makes us proud to work in the industry we do. We have the ability and resources to affect change in our community and the world by doing the work we do.


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