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An Eventful Day at Talega!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

VDLA has been working in conjunction with Talega HOA to implement some turf reduction / removal projects, and it's coming along quite nicely! Just last week the entry monument renovations were completed, trees were being pruned, turf removal was in progress along Avenida Vista Hermosa as well as a completed turf removal project along Avenida Pico.

VDLA loves to work in the field with communities during improvement implementation in addition to our design services. This helps communities achieve a modern/updated look and feel and also aids in water conservation by removing grass and replacing it with drought tolerant plants, many of which are better suited to the southern Californian Mediterranean climate.

Every time VDLA works with a community we listen to their needs and desired outcomes for the project, giving our professional opinion on how to best proceed. Project tracking helps these time-sensitive projects stay on schedule and within budget. Helping communities across southern California keep with current landscape trends, conserve water and achieve a sense of place are just a few of VDLA’s favorite things to do!

A big thank you to our project manager and firm associate, Brett Allen for monitoring the progress so diligently! We love the chance to see projects in the before/during and after stages.


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