Nick Concra

Landscape Designer


Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture & Minor in Community Planning

University of Rhode Island


Recycled Water Site Supervisor


American Society of Landscape Architects


Mr. Concra has over eight years of landscape maintenance, design and construction experience. He has provided site layouts and designs for various residential and commercial properties. He has worked with various hardscape materials to minimize water usage and implemented planting and irrigation plans for clients in order to maximize irrigation system efficiencies.


Mr. Concra has ongoing experience in the field observing and performing preliminary and final walk-thrus, allowing him to work directly with landscape maintenance staff and property managers. He helps them to assess site conditions with his years of experience and identifies problems before they occur by compiling documented written reports with a comprehensive inventory of existing landscape site conditions and detailed recommendations for improvements.

Nick was born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Having been surrounded by endless beaches and nature preserves, he was exposed to the natural environment from a young age. The first job he had at 15 was working at a lawn and garden store, where unbeknownst to his teenage self, he was actually helping people design landscapes.

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in Landscape Architecture, Nick worked for design-build firm that focused mostly on high-end residential projects, where he gained hands-on experience. After spending his entire life living in New England, he decided to move to San Diego to immerse himself in a new world of landscape architecture and he says, “To be honest – to escape the cold winters!” He says he was fortunate enough to land a job with VDLA where he has learned more than he could have imagined. In his free time you can find him fishing, golfing, swimming and generally being outside and exploring new places.