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The Bluffs

Newport Beach, CA


VDLA provide a whole site analysis and landscape master plan for this classic 50 year old master planned community of 600+ homes, set among verdant greenways and overlooks to the Newport Back Bay. A central goal was reduction of water thirsty turf areas, while also emphasizing suitable areas for a variety of recreational amenity upgrades. VDLA produced a master plan that succeeds in keeping the wandering greenbelts ‘green’, while reducing turf by 41%. Designs for recreational opportunities around the community were presented in color plan renderings. Current signage, monuments, street tree conditions and common area landscape conditions were documented, with sections of the master plan addressing new designs for these areas. Also produced in this comprehensive master plan were a master plant palette and bloom schedule, typical front yard designs, conceptual design and layout for amenity improvements at six ramada / pool areas, community monuments, streetscape renovations, and a street tree master plan. 

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