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San Diego, CA


The planned outdoor event space at the Pfizer CB1 conferencing center will transform an underutilized and dated outdoor area into an interactive multi-use space for employees and conference attendees. People will be drawn outdoors for work and recreation by several features, including a multi-purpose structure that can serve as a bar, an outdoor eating area, and an outdoor ‘room’ suitable for conferencing, complete with lighting and audio/visual amenities. A blend of natural wood, stone, enriched paving and synthetic turf adds richness and visual interest to the space. Enclosure for the space is further enhanced with a combination of ‘green screens’, a board-form finish wall and planted berms. Lighting provides ambiance and allows sunset and evening activities. Key to the design are glass roll-up doors at an adjacent indoor cafeteria, connecting outdoor and indoor spaces. Preservation of select existing trees and new fabric shade sails will provide shade at this sunny spot. 

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