Antonio del Pozo

Landscape Architect


Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, 2002


California Licensed Landscape Architect #6007

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA)

Recycled Water Site Supervisor


Irrigation Association


A licensed landscape architect, Mr. del Pozo has been providing construction administration and inspection services for the County of Riverside and City of Jurupa Valley since 2014.  He has also been the construction administrator and landscape inspector on several public and private projects and large-scale community developments. Mr. del Pozo serves as liaison for the agencies / owners, providing direct day-to-day involvement with contractors.


Mr. del Pozo has extensive experience in landscape design as well as construction and irrigation techniques. Having been involved in irrigation design and installation for more than a decade he has experienced the shifting trends and is up to date on the constantly evolving techniques.  His familiarity with these trends allows him to quickly identify problems before they occur, and to provide practical solutions in the field.


Mr. del Pozo has a focused interest in California natives and low water plant material, as well as irrigation techniques appropriate to conserve water while promoting healthy long-term landscapes. This focus provides a strong basis and understanding of specific design solutions, allowing him to assist in troubleshooting projects to ensure that landscape projects are installed correctly to comply with approved plans, details and specifications and industry standards, while also meeting the needs of the stakeholders.

Antonio didn’t realize until he was well on way to becoming a Landscape Architect that this was his true calling. Growing up in east County, San Diego surrounded by vast areas of open space, he spent many of his early years out exploring the hills.  It’s there that he discovered an appreciation for the natural world. Later when he was in his teens his dad would put Antonio and his siblings to work around the yard constructing fencing, walls and laying bricks as well as working on irrigation. He took a keen interest in construction and improvements around the house. His fondness for plants led him to study horticulture at the local community college where he was introduced to the profession of landscape architecture.

He chose to attend Cal Poly Pomona to pursue his degree and has never looked back. He says
“It is a satisfying feeling, knowing I made the right choice for a profession. I truly enjoy the unique challenges that are involved in creating design solutions for the outdoor environment. Working with people and plants to envision a better future for the community is the most satisfying career I could have imagined.” Having worked in maintenance, construction, irrigation and design have all benefited his understanding of the profession. To this day, he continues to find inspiration in the outdoors, only now in more remote places and with a fly rod in his hand.